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Nemonymous Night

by D F Lewis

A new edition of this remarkable novel

Price £25

What the Giants were Saying

What the Giants were Saying

by David Rix

A massively expanded new edition of the author's first book

Price £26


At the Lighthouse

edited by Sophie Essex

In this anthology are seventeen stories which explore the concrete yet eerie qualities of lighthouses

Price £24 / £28 / £13

The Apocryphan: The Epifany of the Augusthog

The Apocryphan: The Epifany of the Augusthog

by D F Lewis

A novella

Price £20


Gaseous Clay and Other Ambivalent Tales

by John Travis

John Travis’s writing blurs between genres, rooted in many but coming with his own unique style. This volume collects 16 stories, several never before published. Each is distinctive and individual, and together they form a spectacular example of British Slipstream writing.

Price £25 / £12


The Neo-Decadent Cookbook

edited by Brendan Connell and Justin Isis

Adjust your palate to the times with the Neo-Decadent Cookbook, the ONLY approved guide to the preparation of metaphysical concepts and other abstractions, alongside recipes likely to cause lasting changes to your internal organs.

Price £20 / £10

Dabbling with Diabelli

Dabbling with Diabelli

by D F Lewis

Thirty of D F Lewis’s favourite short stories, all demonstrating his unique style at the intersection of genre, literature and outsider art.

Price £25 / £12


The Architect

by Brendan Connell

Written by a contemporary master of the decadent and grotesque, The Architect is like Greek tragedy on hallucinogens—a brilliant, stylish short novel of eccentricity and decay.

Price £23 / £12


The Once and Future Moon

edited by Allen Ashley

It has been there throughout human history: accompanying, guiding, inspiring and influencing us. Without it there might be no philosophy, literature, mathematics, religion, astronomy or exploration.

Price £25 / £12


Blacker Against the Deep Dark

by Alexander Zelenyj

A large collection that dives into the deeper places of genre fiction, as well as what happens when they blend and combine. Emotionally sophisticated, harrowing and searingly powerful stories.

Price £26 / £13



edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley

An anthology of both prose and poetry on the theme of animal characteristics and how they intersect with the human world.

Price £22 / £10


How Many Times?

by Rhys Hughes

A slim but large-format collection of highly experimental / OuLiPo works.

Price £22 / £10


Resonance and Revolt

by Rosanne Rabinowitz

An intense and erudite collection of stories steeped in European history and the world of modern Britain.

Price £25 / £12.50

Eibonvale Press - Pleasant Tales by Brendan Connell

Pleasant Tales

by Brendan Connell

As an inverted follow-up to the author's critically acclaimed collection Unpleasant Tales, we present ...

Price £22 / £11


Human Maps

by Andrew Hook

A new collection of stories by British author Andrew Hook

Price £24 / £10

A new edition of one of Rhys Hughes' greatest books complete with two extra stories

Sangria in the Sangraal

by Rhys Hughes

A new edition of one of Rhys Hughes' greatest books complete with two extra stories

Price £22 / £8.50


The Planet Suite

by Allen Ashley

A new expanded edition of his extraordinary first novel - vivid and lively SF at its strangest and best.

Price £22 / £8.99

Scar City

Scar City

by Joel Lane

A new collection of stories that Joel Lane put together shortly before he died.

Price £22 / £8.50



by Hal Duncan

A complex novel on religious themes in modern times. The Empire ends today.

Price £25 / £10

Sensorama edited by Allen Ashley


edited by Allen Ashley

A new anthology from Allen Ashley on the theme of the senses.

Price £22 / £9.50


Songs For The Lost

by Alexander Zelenyj

Zelenyj is back with another massive and extraordinary collection of stories filled with pain, passion, melancholy and darkness.

Price £27 / £13.99

Miss Homicide Plays the Flute by Brendan Connell

Ballads To The Burning Twins

by Alexander Zelenyj

This book is a first for Eibonvale Press - a poetry/lyrics/photography/essay collection printed on premium quality paper. It is a companion volume to Songs For The Lost in ways you will have to read them to grasp, but it also stands alone as a unique and bizarre artifact.

Price £22.50 / £12


Caledonia Dreamin'

edited by Hal Duncan and Chris Kelso

Strange fiction of Scottish descent!

Price £23 / £9.50

Miss Homicide Plays the Flute by Brendan Connell

Miss Homicide Plays the Flute

by Brendan Connell

A wild and astringent short novel by Brendan Connell that sits somewhere in the mid-ground between dangerous experiment, classicism nostaliga and crime thriller. OUR FIRST EVER LUXURY LIMITED EDITION BOOK.

Price £30 / £8.99

Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp

Rustblind and Silverbright

edited by David Rix

A varied and diverse Slipstream anthology of stories connected to trains and the railway.

Price £23 / £9.99

Moonshine Express by Poppet

Moonshine Express

by Poppet

A brash and lively dark tale of riding a very strange train.

Price £16 / £6.99

Defeated Dogs by Quentin S Crisp

Defeated Dogs

by Quentin S Crisp

A retrospective collection of the extraordinary intricate and erudite writing of one of the UK's most individual voices.

Price £23 / £9.50


Tallest Stories by Rhys Hughes

Tallest Stories

by Rhys Hughes

60 linked stories, 60 illustrations, 18 years in the making - this is probably Rhys Hughes' most important book to date.

Price £22.99 / £9.50

An Emporium of Automata by D P Watt

An Emporium of Automata

by D P Watt

A new edition of D P Watt's highly regarded collection of strange tales, filled with classical neo-decadence - complete with two new stories, a foreword and an afterword.

Price £22 / £8.99

Where Are We Going? - Allen Ashley

Where Are We Going

Edited by Allen Ashley

An ambitious themed anthology edited by Allen Ashley (Subtle Edens, Catastrophia) based on the idea that the world we live in is still something of an unknown planet, with spectacular encounters, adventures and mysteries still very much possible. 

Price £20 / £8.99

A Glimpse of the Numinous - Geff Gardiner

A Glimpse of the Numinous

By Jeff Gardiner

In these fourteen stories of this his first collection, Jeff Gardiner shows a startling range of styles and imagination, from visceral horror to lyrical literary prose. Keen psychological insight allied to a shrewd knowledge of ancient myth and mysticism.

Price £18.99 / £7.99

The Silver Wind - Nina Allan

The Silver Wind

By Nina Allan

A spectacular showcase of Nina Allan's uniquely subtle storytelling style, this is a tetratych of four substantial linked pieces and a final afterword on the theme of time – disjointed, mysterious and subtly twisted time. 

No longer available due to a new edition from Titan Books. There may still be second hand copies around, however.

Feather - David Rix


By David Rix

In these nine linked stories and novellas involving Feather, the Wandering Girl and protagonist of What the Giants were Saying, David Rix weaves an enigmatic web of fictions, at the shifting intersections of Slipstream, Horror and Science Fiction. Haunting and emotion-centric, they explore themes of isolation and loneliness - and the magic of human encounters, no matter how small. 

Price £19.75 / £8.99

Bloody War - Terry Grimwood

Bloody War

By Terry Grimwood

A dark, bloody and very British apocalyptic novel, set in near-contemporary London.  Simultaneously a thrilling page-turner and a tough and painful read filled with horrifically plausible imagery, this book paints a picture of England at war with an unknown assailant and the dark and dirty depths that lurk behind that.  Excels in its portrayals of the reaction of London and the British media to a full-scale conflict on our own front door.

Price £22 / £8.99

Automatic Safe Dog - Jet McDonald

Automatic Safe Dog

By Jet McDonald

Jet McDonald has created a heady brew of volatile cocktail ingredients. Madcap surreal humour blends with vicious parody of the world of work, the vanity of “Creative” types, the torments of unrequited love, animal cruelty and the excesses of consumer society. Not so much a breath of fresh air as a snort of something industrial, read this book and become initiated into a rebellion of the mind that will leave you inspired and laughing with exhilaration.

Price £22 / £8.99

Sylvow - Douglas Thompson


By Douglas Thompson

Following on from the success of Ultrameta, we are pleased to present a new novel from Douglas Thompson. This time, he has dug deep into the inevitable guilt that we all feel, as a culture/species, for the disastrous state of civilization and its effect on both ourselves and the world around us. He has created an original and ecstatically visionary book that is part surrealism, part philosophy, part fantasy and part horror novel.

Price £22 / £8.99

Blind Swimmer - Everyone

Blind Swimmer

A collaborative project involving all the writers involved in Eibonvale Press, working on the theme of Creativity in Isolation. This is a substantial anthology of works that also stands as a self-portrait of the press itself.

Price £24 / £11

Unpleasant Tales by Brendan Connell

Unpleasant Tales

By Brendan Connell

A new collection of the vicious and lethally sharp stories of Brendan Connell  These are supremely refined and elegant, creepily intelligent and, of course, exquisitely unpleasant stories that pack a tremendous punch, both individually and collectively. 

Price £23 / £10

Magic Mirror by Ed Pinsent

Magic Mirror - A Collection of Comics

By Ed Pinsent

Eibonvale’s first collection of comics.  A massive book of the surreal and far-reaching visions of Ed Pinsent expressed in text and picture.  Including a complete reprint of one of his most spectacular works, The Saga of the Scroll.

Price £25 / £15.50

Once and Future Cities by Allen Ashley

Once and Future Cities

By Allen Ashley

A collection of brilliant and imaginative british stories, filled with satire and social commentary. Allen Ashley has a surreal finger on the pulse of the crazy british nanny state like no other I have read.

Price £25 / £13.99

Ultrameta by Douglas Thompson


by Douglas Thompson

A haunting and highly original work of surrealism and Scottish urban fantasy.

Price: £22 / £10.75

Experiments at Three Billion A.M. by Alexander Zelenyj

By Alexander Zelenyj

A massive collection of 40 of the haunting and powerful stories of Alexander Zelenyj. Covering 10 years of work and a wide variety of styles, this is the most spectacular eibonvale book yet.

Price: £27.50 / £18.75

The Oz Suite

By Gerard Houarner

A set of three amazing and very different stories using the theme of Oz as a psychological reference point.

Price: £18 / £7.50


By Rhys Hughes

A lavishly designed new edition of this spectacular collection of light-hearted macabre tales.

Price: £25

A Thread of Truth

By Nina Allan

A collection of haunting and subtle stories.

Price: £22 / £9.50


What the Giants were Saying

By David Rix

A starkly and vividly strange fable on creativity and wind turbines.

This edition is longer available. Click here for the new version.



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