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Experiments at 3 Billion A.M.

by Alexander Zelenyj

Experiments at 3 Billion A.M.

546 pages

Windblown wildernesses; celestial fire; women from the moon; inexplicable phenomena in sleeping counties and visions of blood amid mazes of urban sprawl; tales culled from subterranean depths, from the A.M. darkness and from stolen afternoons of nostalgic sunlight and weeping rains…

Zelenyj’s haunting and surreal stories range widely in style, stretching from lyrical flights of fantasy to gritty and painful realism to unsettling horror and the grotesque – from subtle slipstream with only the faintest sense of the otherworldly to vivid space fiction, and even light-hearted homages to the colourful and gleeful world of the pulps.  Always unexpected, these stories remain bound together by a tone of universal sadness and gentleness, and an ever-increasing sense of wonder.  This massive collection of forty stories and over 650 pages, covering 10 years of work, will remain as a companion for a long time to come. 

Each story has an illustrated titleplate.  The hardcover is available with two different artworks - one, with very different cover art, that can only be ordered direct from the publisher and a standard version that can be sold anywhere.  This publisher-only version also introduces our first ‘barcode art’ - which seeks to improve on those annoying black and white blocks that have to be slapped on book covers everywhere. 



  • Foreward, by David Rix
  • The Potato Thief Beneath Indifferent Stars
  • Blue Love Maria
  • Black Flies Inside
  • Footsteps to Blacken the Drifts
  • The Stealing Sky
  • The Mighty Ones Listen to the Night
  • Let the Firefly Men Remind You
  • Just Right Under Moonlight
  • Teenage Pirates and the Ghosting of Texas
  • The Loneliness of Strangefire Dancers
  • Onwards! To Memphis!
  • The Prison Hulk
  • Gladiators in the Sepulchre of Abominations
  • Night Symphonies
  • The Burning Sadness of Crash-Landed Sleepers 
  • Tara of the Wine Cats
  • In the City Where Dreams Wander the Sidewalks
  • I Humbly Accept This War Stick
  • Lost in the Penguin Tunnel
  • The Lilac Perfumes Between the Stars
  • Dreams of the Rocket-Boy
  • Love, Death, and Monsters at the Drive-In
  • Letters From the Laboratory
  • The Snow Robins Fly Between Heaven and Hell
  • The Silly Significance of Running With Soda Fire
  • Waiting For the New Reign of the Fire Ants
  • Pining for the Lost Love of the Moon Creatures
  • The Empty Hands of Alvin Calvin Rourke
  • Salty Magic Balloon Trips for the Moon to Judge
  • The Runners Among the Stars
  • Captain of a Ship of Flowers
  • Pigeons or Ashes, and the Final Gift of Jimmy Colley
  • The Animals have Seized the Diamond Sea Kingdom
  • The Grey Tammy and the Living
  • Christina the Bloomed
  • I am the Stink Candle  
  • Grandmother Mars and the Relentless Call to Arms
  • Where the War Bird Leads
  • Another Light Called 1-47
  • Poppy, the Girl of my Dreams, and the Alien Invasion I can Detect Like Radar through my Braces


Before I even read one word I was impressed by the sheer beauty of this book. The cover art and presentation is superb [. . .] It’s not just the picture on the front however, it’s the sheer feel of this enormous volume, a physical presentation that endows it with an air of gravitas, a sense that you have something important in your hands.

[The tales in Experiments at 3 Billion AM] are masterpieces of subtlety and suggestion, electric with emotional power, brimming with inventiveness, enigmatic, inconclusive and delicately drawn, touching, without being sentimental, evocative and often deeply unsettling and shocking. This then is that rare achievement, great writing and great story telling.

Djbril, The Future Fire –


It is difficult to pigeonhole the stories genres as Zelenyj is able to draw from a very extensive palette, enabling his prose to create a wide variety of colours and moods; this is some of the best slipstream fiction I have read for a while. [. . .] Unconstrained by genre or convention he lets his imagination roam across an impressive variety of environments - from horror, science fiction and poignant stories of everyday sadness, but always with an innate sense of wonder and a deep humanity running like a gossamer thread throughout. He mixes his genres with the hand of an expert producing some really emotive pieces, sometimes melancholy, sometimes hopeful but always interesting.

Charles Packer – Sci-Fi Online


Science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream and relentless re-combination, Zelenyj does it all with a narrative clarity that makes for fast, enjoyable reading. The B&W interiors by Rix are classy and reminiscent of a seventies style of science fiction illustration.[ . . .] Expect great writing, a lot of it, at a bargain price. And thanks UK independent Eibonvale Press for the favor.

The Agony Column -


I was pleasantly surprised at both the writing and the unusually tender nature of what the editor chose for the lead off entry: this thing could go anywhere from here . . . and it does.

[. . . ]

EXPERIMENTS AT 3 BILLION A.M. surprised me from beginning to end. While it took me a while to get through its massive length (and the few head-scratchers), the majority of this fine collection is quite impressive, especially coming from an author I knew nothing about. Recommended.

Nick Cato - The Horror Fiction Review


For the record, Alexander Zelenyj's brilliant and bizarre Experiments at 3 Billion A.M. is a must-read. Zelenyj’s fiction is both startling and a genuine comfort; his poetic tales accomplish the seemingly impossible by granting his reader the opportunity to experience the world through eyes wholly new. The slipstream stories contained herein are unique and simply extraordinary. Captivating, charming, and a challenge to our preconceived understandings of life, love, and all things both worldly and otherworldly, the weighty Experiments at 3 Billion A.M. is a tome to be treasured.”

- Brian A. Dixon, author of Arcadia In Ashes


I was immediately entranced with this book. The writing is excellent. The images are compelling. The titles alone are fascinating (for example: The Snow Robins Fly Between Heaven and Hell). The book begins with a beautiful story about an old man who makes a disturbing and/or wonderful discovery one day in his potato garden, and earns a new appreciation for life.

It's Dark in the Dark


“Mr. Zelenyj has an eloquent style of writing that gives each story a unique dark flavour and his vivid imagination brings the characters to life for the reader and takes them places they would never expect to go. Some of the stories pull on the heartstrings as they bring the reader close to the characters, but each story has its own dark place - some with brutal toothy malevolence while others are shadows full of emotional pain.”

- Monster Librarian


“…Even though this was a difficult book to read, the tales are gripping and enjoyable… Whilst not a book to devour in one sitting, it makes a good collection of tales to keep on your bedside table to dip into now and then…”

Matt Johns - the “Prism” section of the autumn edition of the British Fantasy Society Journal


Alexander Zelenyj’s fiction has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including FreeFall, Front & Centre, The Windsor Review, Revelation, Simulacrum, inscape, Underground Voices, and the Rose & Thorn. He is the author of the short novel, Black Sunshine, published by Fourth Horseman Press. He lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, prefers basements, and watches the skies expectantly.

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