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Magic Mirror - A Compendium of Comics

by Ed Pinsent

Magic Mirror by Ed Pinsent

352 pages

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The far-reaching visionary art and surreal stories of Ed Pinsent have been a central part of British small press comics since the 80s, epitomising a form of personal artistic creation that lies outside the mainstream in just about every way. The scope of these tales is vast, influenced as much by Calvino and Borges and other classical and modern literary traditions as by the history of comics. This book collects 44 of Pinsent’s works into a massive compendium, personally selected and scanned by the artist. Half of the book is devoted to his most famous character, the rotund intellectual and spiritual adventurer Windy Wilberforce. These range from the early piece In the Land of the Jackanapes to what may be the most spectacular work of all, The Saga of the Scroll – long out of print and available for the first time in this larger format.

Sample Pages (Saga of the Scroll)
Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll
Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll
Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll Saga of the Scroll



BOOK ONE: Tales, poems and fables

Humourous Tales

The Insomniac (with Denny Derbyshire)
The Ballad of Mr Ossawary
Cabasa Thwarts Mr Longrose
The Ballad of Hi-Express
The Last Eskimo part 1
The Last Eskimo part 2
Albuma Thwarts Mr Longrose


The Scapegoat
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ecology Hash
The Saxophone Player in the Bush
Sounds of the Past
The Seven Faces of Manley Ville
Staring I and the Glass Brick

Astorial Anecdotes

Metterling the Builder
Hubert the Chemist
Reichelstagg and the Vegetables
Reichelstagg and his Job
Reichelstagg and the Troll of Conquer Hill

Five Family Tales

A Short Scenario in the Pennines
The Bolter's Bowl
Bird of Prayer
The Goose in the Dell
Phenomena of the USA


Sailing by Frisco
Crocodile Tears
Alien Nation
Rjinn's Departure
My Dream

Dark Tales

My Master's Lame
The Winding-Sheet
Seeking a Charm
Ioren and Marja
The Recolte
Staringeye (with Denny Derbyshire)
Breeding Contempt (with Denny Derbyshire)
Animus Anima (with Denny Derbyshire)


BOOK TWO: The selected adventures of Windy Wilberforce

In the Land of the Jackanapes

Ocean Lands

Windy and the White Fish

Wrapt in Paper

The Fortress of Language

The Sandcrab

The Saga of the Scroll


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