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Pleasant Tales

by Brendan Connell

with an introduction by Justin Isis

Eibonvale Press - Pleasant Tales by Brendan Connell

160 pages

Published November 2017

A NOTE ON THE CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER: A special limited edition chapbook by Brendan Connell titled Curious Births to Light the Universe is exclusively available free with all hardcover orders of Pleasant Tales, and for only an additional £2 with paperback orders. This chapbook is a limited edition of only 50 copies, so this is only available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The paperback, of course, can be ordered at its standard price without the chapbook, if so desired.

About Pleasant Tales

According to inductive process, the more weed someone smokes, the more likely they are to eat a green apple. Billy Glandzk has been smoking too much pot and hates apples, so it’s time for him to change his lifestyle. Justin Isis lives in a single tiny room in Ikebukuro but, through amore and refined fashion-sense, hopes to rise to higher spheres. Ricky Fishback is a bicycle cop who has spent too much time in the saddle, and his restless sex life is taking a turn for the worse. Can he get his mojo back? Carla Jo Arduini works at the Family Dollar Store, but her aspirations go higher—much higher. Will her faith guide her to success?

In Pleasant Tales, a contrasting follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2010 collection Unpleasant Tales, Brendan Connell has written ten unusual and colorful stories of contemporary life.  The brittle and deranged mundanity that surrounds us is viewed through a lens that is both extremely perceptive and ever so slightly flawed, resulting in both an inverted projection of the familiar and a dose of the alien.  These are modernist, sparse and slightly subversive expositions on the normal that perform a disjointed dance with the world you thought you knew.


Brendan Connell was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1970. His works of fiction include Unpleasant Tales (Eibonvale Press, 2013), The Architect (PS Publishing, 2012), Lives of Notorious Cooks (Chômu Press, 2012), Miss Homicide Plays the Flute (Eibonvale Press, 2013), Cannibals of West Papua (Zagava, 2015), and Clark (Snuggly Books, 2016).

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