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#10 - Some Pink Star

by Sophie Essex

Eibonvale Press - Some Pink Star by Sophie Essex

32 pages

Published March 2019

In Some Pink Star Sophie Essex explores the correlation between sex and violence, the willingness of either and both. Threading colour references as in the evolution of a bruise, she uses surface tension to hint at greater depths, to construct and deconstruct a body in relationships.


Titian Blue
Periaqueductal Gray
Vanilla Sky
Violet Volcanoes
Neutral Atmosphere
Cotton Candy
Atomic Number 78
This Is The Colour Of My Dreams
Sgr A*
Clove Pink
Silent Red Avalanche
Pink Grapefruit
Prickly Pear
Mechanical Fawn

Sophie Essex is a softcore bunny and sexual synesthete living in Norwich where she promotes her adoration of poetry through micro-publisher Salò Press, lit-mag Fur-Lined Ghettos, and monthly open-mic night Volta. Her work has previously appeared in Leste, Lighthouse, The Belleville Park Pages, HVTN, and others. Her first pamphlet 'Objects of Desire' was published by Pyramid Editions in 2015.
Find her @salopress @capitanofelixio



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