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I am always keen to hear from new dealers, so if you are interested in stocking eibonvale press books, please don't hesitate to get in touch at with details of who you are and what you want. Our terms for dealers are as follows:

  • 40% discount off full retail price. Discounts greater than 40% are not possible as my own earnings would then drop to zero or less!
  • Dealer pays postage charges - which will be local rates in the UK and the USA.
  • Usual minimum order: 3 items (any titles - exceptions can me made to this under certain circumstances though)
  • Normal payment terms are simply paying on safe receipt of items, but I am open to negotiation there (30 days, 60 days, etc).
  • Payment by paypal to is preferred, though UK dealers can pay by cheque.
  • Shipping is handled by my distributor rather than myself and it has occasionally been known for books to arrive damaged. In such cases, replacements will always be provided. If you're not happy with a book, please email me including a photograph or scan of precisely why you are not happy PLUS AN IMAGE/NOTE OF THE BATCH NUMBER, which is printed a page or two in from the back of the book. I will pass this on to the distributor along with suitable scolding and replacement copy or copies will be sent out.
  • I invite you to send me a banner or image that I can use for a link to your shop on my dealer page.


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